What A class is like


The Two Tinkers Classes Include:


Each Class taught by one of our unique instructors helps each child to:

  • Build a visual arts vocabulary. This introduces an element of art or composition--shading and shadow, for example.

  • Observe, with creative exploration. Do an exercise to put this element to use. The student chooses the subject, making the exercise more personally meaningful.

  • Look at art. Here, the student looks closely at a painting by a master, and answers some questions designed to make you think about the painting in depth. For example, "Is this a peaceful scene or a busy one? How can you tell?" Linger on the work and observe. This, too, is the work of an artist.

  • A dip into art history. This might be as much as a page, or as little as a paragraph, but the student learns about the painter or the art movement.

  • Learn about art materials and how to use them. Practical teaching on light sources, the benefits of a specific type of pencil, how to show value with a marker, how to make textures, etc.

  • An original work. At the end of the unit, the student creates a new work of art based on what they have learned.